[Session] v1.6 – Mark Pilkington

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Thursday, 25th November, 7-10pm
(and fourth Thursday of the month thereafter)
Madlab (Manchester Digital Laboratory)

36-40 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HN
(Between Thomas St and the Craft Centre, opposite A Bar Called Common)

  • ‘In-the-flesh’ presentation by Manchester based performer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music Mark Pilkington. A way of audio/visual thinking – looking at the relationship between visual and audio composition languages using computer coding with particular reference to Processing and Max/MSP;
  • Informal ‘show-and-tell’ and ‘open-laptop’ sessions (go on… bring some of your own work along).

Join us at the next session to see Processing in action, meet other interested and like-minded people and find out more about the project and how to get involved;

For full biogs, photos and links…

Mark Pilkington – Thought Universe

Mark Pilkington is a performer and composer of electronic and electroacoustic music. He works in the areas of screened works, recordings, installation and live performance and is interested in fusing together audio/visual structures that can be manipulated from a score or improvised in real-time thus presenting work that question traditional concepts of art, music and technology.

Mark graduated with an MA in electroacoustic composition from the University of Huddersfield in the UK 2004; completed the Summer Intensive Electroacoustic Workshop at the Centre de Création Musicale Iannis Xenakis (CCMIX) in Paris, France 2005; presented a paper ‘Audio/Visual Composition’ at the BETA conference at FACT Liverpool 2005; and is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester (UK).

As the recording artist ‘Thought Universe’ Mark performs electronic music – and Skam (UK), Sonic World Service (UK), Mainline (DK), DalRiada (UK) and Recordcamp (USA) have released his music. He has performed in the UK, Europe and the USA with live and recorded radio broadcasts around Europe via the EBU.

Mark also runs his own audio/visual label called ‘TUM’ – www.thought-universe.co.uk; is a lecturer /educator on the BA Music Production at Futureworks/UCLAN, Manchester; and Sound Designer for various computer games companies.

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